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Ralitsa Stoitseva | Ралица Стоицева

Artist | Художничка

Ralitsa Stoitseva was born on 14 May in Sofia, where she lives and works. Having studied at the National Academy of Art, Sofia, she graduated in Fine Art in 1992.Member of Union of Bulgarian Artists-UBA.

She continues to work within and extend powerful European art traditions, applying both oil and acrylic paints to canvas and finding a new and vigorous vision and place for them in contemporary art.

Stoitseva’s canvases are owned by various collections, including the National Art Gallery, Sofia, Art-Dialogue Foundation, Paris and a number of private collectors from Bulgaria, France, Germany, USA etc.

Stoitseva has had more than 18 individual exhibitions and has taken part in a series of joint projects. Exhibitions include:

2017 – Sredets Gallery with the Ministry of Culture, Sofia – Solo exhibition

2017 – Bulgarian Culturel Institute – collective exhibition, Prague

2017 – L’Institut Culturel Bulgare – collective exhibition, Paris

2016 – Art SCOPE, Basel

2016 – Cité Internationale des Arts residency, Paris

2015 – Natali Gallery, Sofia

2014 – Yuzina Gallery, Sofia

2013 – Anna Mauer Gallery, Berlin

2012 – Sredets Gallery with the Ministry of Culture, Sofia

2011 – Impression Art Gallery, Sofia

2009 – Rakursi Art Gallery, Sofia

I’ve always been intrigued and inspired by the human mind: the feelings, emotions, sufferings and aggressions.

The empathy and understanding of others contrasted against the intolerant and xenophobic behavior we sometimes see in the world we live. It’s my feeling that we need to stand at the abyss, where the sea and the sky are at constant gravitational dalliance with the other. It is then that we need to take a deep breath and consider who we are.

My latest project, RESPIRO, is a reflection and opposition to the cruel and often hard to bear aspect of our current world and the sad fact, that we, as a core, are responsible.The effect I hope to achieve and the reaction I strive to elicit is the recognition of my cry for human kind and my plea for acceptance and understanding, regardless of social status, religious beliefs or sexual orientation.

Love, Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding are the foundation upon we must build the future. These close to my heart words are inscribed on some of my paintings.

The path of life is constant: tranquil as well as suffocating, charming and at times cruel. It gives what is needed and takes what is in excess…even when this is in contrast with our desires. The indisputable take away is that life is worth being lived owing to the future bits of love which assemble the important picture… the one we will cherish always.

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